Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prom Pix

Here they are! Some pictures of Andy's Junior prom. Here he is with his lovely date:

Helping her into the Corvette:

Andy and Daddy(guess who's taller):

Here is our handsome boy:

Luckily, everyone and everything survived the night intact, including my nerves!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Tux rental: $82.00
Corsage: $24.95
Dinner for 2: $30.00
The look on your son's face when you pull up in a minivan as he is walking up to his prom date's front door: Priceless.

Sorry, Andy! We just wanted to see them all dressed up, but our timing was really bad. (They got to take his date's dad's corvette to the prom, too! )

Monday, April 5, 2010

40 things We Like About Daddy

Yes, I am married to a 40-year-old! Let's ignore the fact that I passed that milestone a long time ago! :) I had the kids write down things they liked about their dad and they are so cute I wanted to share them! So here they are:

1. I like your pancakes
2. I like my song that you sing (Bekahroo)
3. I like your cooking
4. I like going to the pool with you
5. I like going to the park with you
6. I like helping you
7. I like your jokes
8. I like your hugs

9. I like his dinners.
10. I like going on bike rides with him.
11. I like to do sudoku puzzles with him.
12. I like his stinky juice. (aftershave)
13. I like it when he takes me out of school for lunch.
14. I like it when he plays clue with me.
15. I like it when we play "buck-a-roo"(this involves climbing on daddy's back, holding on for dear life, and trying not to get bucked off)
16. I like that he buys me chocolate.

17. I love his smile.
18. I like to play sports with him.
19. I like when he tucks me into bed at night.
20. I like to eat out with him.
21. I love to sing songs with him in crazy harmony.
22. I like to play Phase 10 with him (even when he beats me).
23. I love him!
24. I love his testimony of the gospel.

25. I like that you've adapted to accept my unruliness.
26. I like how excited you are for the little things that happen to me.
27. I like your facial hair. It's a prime example for any young boy.
28. I like how you show your faith in the gospel through your life.
29. I like how you raised me. Good job.
30. I like how you put others first.
31. Your enthusiasm spreads throughout the world like swine flu.
32. You go through diet Dr. Pepper like poop through a goose.

33.I love his happy, sunny disposition.
34. I love his soft, sexy kisses. :)
35. I love what an amazing father he is, and that he made me a mother.
36. I love his thoughtfulness.
37. I love his desire to do what's right.
38. I love his backrubs!
39. I love his patience, and that he can always make me laugh.
40. I love the way he loves me!

there you go! We love Vaughn! Happy birthday, honey! Hope you enjoy your Alaska fishing trip!