Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas Gifts

This last class I taught at the scrapbook store, we focused on fun and quick gifts for Christmas.  So here is a quick recap! 
Above, is a little kit with sugar cookie mix, hot chocolate mix, sprinkles in little containers, and dried marshmallow bits in an ornament.  I also added some chocolate dipped spoons.  You can see the original idea on pinterest here.

Next is a fun item you can pop in the mail for not very much.  Cotton candy, dressed up!

I just got a container of cotton candy in the christmas aisle at walmart.  It only weighs a few ounces, so you can mail it as a first class parcel for just a couple of dollars.  I wrapped it around with some kraft paper and a cute scrapbook piece, and it's ready to go.  

Here, on triedandtrue, I found one of the cutest ideas ever!
It is an EOS lip balm as a rudolph nose!  You can go to her site for the free printable.  Also, one of the ladies in my class found the Walgreens brand of lip balm in the same shape, but it is shiny!  Like Rudolph's nose.  So cute.

Another quick project we did was originally found HERE, on damasklove.  A great way to jazz up a kraft bag.
We also made these
which can be found HERE on bubblynaturecreations.  I used the dip mix recipes from this blog budget101.  We used the onion dip, fiesta dip, and copycat hidden valley ranch, but there are several others to choose from.  

I also showed the ladies one of my fave gifts, hot chocolate on a stick! 
The original post on this cute project is HERE.  This amazing idea is from giverslog, whose author AmberLee owns this shop HERE.So if you don't feel like DIYing it, she has some great gifts that will make any chocolate lover happy.

One last idea, was a gift card snow globe.  

HERE is the original post from smartyhadaparty.

I'm going to be making a few of these!  If you have specific questions about any of these projects, just leave me a comment!