Friday, March 27, 2009

An addition to the family!

No, I am not pregnant! We do, however, have a new "baby"!

This is Sugar, Rachel's new puppy. She is a West Highland Terrier and she is about two months old. She showed up on our doorstep on Rachel's birthday, along with Daddy! (Yay!) We are enjoying being a complete family again, and also the antics of the puppy. She drives Sara nuts.

In other news, you can see, if you look really hard, that Rebekah has lost her first tooth! She was so excited to have a visit from the tooth fairy! It has been a very eventful couple of weeks.

Currently, we are awaiting the arrival of a huge snowstorm later today. Don't worry, I stocked up on bread and milk! It is parent-teacher conference day for all the girls, so they are all having a pj day. I have stew in the crockpot and bread rising on the counter and we are nice and snug. The little things in life are really what make it so great! Hope you are all well!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When being positive is a bad thing...

That would be when you are in the clinic with your child (the only one not to have the flu yet) and they are doing a swab to test for flu. Of course it was positive! Actually, maybe it was a good thing, because Rachel was able to get the very last box of Relenza left at Walmart and is feeling so much better today. So now we are four for four on the flu front. Andy and Rachel have both had the stomach flu. I am hoping that Ellie and Bekah skate out of that one. Whine, whine, moan, moan, gripe, gripe, murmur, murmur. Okay. I feel much better now. Although, I have still not come down with anything...Keep me in your prayers!