Friday, March 27, 2009

An addition to the family!

No, I am not pregnant! We do, however, have a new "baby"!

This is Sugar, Rachel's new puppy. She is a West Highland Terrier and she is about two months old. She showed up on our doorstep on Rachel's birthday, along with Daddy! (Yay!) We are enjoying being a complete family again, and also the antics of the puppy. She drives Sara nuts.

In other news, you can see, if you look really hard, that Rebekah has lost her first tooth! She was so excited to have a visit from the tooth fairy! It has been a very eventful couple of weeks.

Currently, we are awaiting the arrival of a huge snowstorm later today. Don't worry, I stocked up on bread and milk! It is parent-teacher conference day for all the girls, so they are all having a pj day. I have stew in the crockpot and bread rising on the counter and we are nice and snug. The little things in life are really what make it so great! Hope you are all well!


Lee and Melody said...

Snow, snow
Go away!
Come again winter!

That little Sugar is cute as can be. And we're glad your family is all together again!

Marianne said...

We got snowed on this weekend. I thought of your stew and rising bread and cursed myself for not planning ahead a little better! But our frozen lasagne was good. I love you and am aching to see you all!! **sniff** XOXO!!

Sharon Wales said...

Tami, love your blog!