Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You would be surprised!

So, we were at the park last night for family night. We played soccer for a little bit and then I went to swing with the little girls. We were all in a row next to each other, pumping away. I was happy to be there, in the moment, with my Ellie and Bekah. Let's face it, I was happy that my backside can still fit in the swing. Anyway, there we were all swinging away, and Bekah said, "look, I can swing myself!" I said, "look, I can swing myself, too!" Ellie said,"You would be surprised at the things that mommies can do!"
I thought about this for the rest of the night. I think we are all too hard on ourselves as mommies, and it is important to think about the things that we can do! I have spent three years solid being pregnant, and puking for most of it! I am preparing for our 18th move in 16 years of marriage with no complaining! Okay, there is some complaining, but I could be so much worse! :) I have spent countless hours, days, months being a single parent. I have coached, team-parented, and organized countless sports, team parties, and rainy practices! I still love to cook. I love to make and preserve memories with my family. I try really hard to be, just like I know you all are, Supermom! I don't always make it, but next time you look in the sky, and see something... is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it is a crazy mother of four, swinging as high as she can, and she might just surprise herself with what she can do!


Lee and Melody said...

Tami, that was just what I needed! I have miles to go before I can claim half of the wonderful things you've done (and still do!) but you're right: we can do lots of surprising things!

Garrett, Jen & Kids said...

You are inspiring! Thank you for the pick me up. I needed that today! I'm so glad for those "amazing things" moments.

Marianne said...

Hey! That was an awesome post!! I'm glad your backside can still fit....I can get in but I can't get out!! And I know you're amazing, if you ever need to be reminded, just give me a call. Thanks for your insight. Your humor saves me!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Laurie said...

Love this, Tami! Really, I think you're right.

BTW, one thing this Supermom can't quite get a handle on? Thank-You notes! I got your sweet birthday package weeks ago and have had "write Tami a thank-you note...or at least CALL HER" on my to-do list since then. You are so awesome, and I love you, and thank you so much for remembering my birthday. I loved the package!