Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's a monster under my bed! (Or 4,381 crayons)

Okay, so after my gym workout today, I decided to use the remaining 51 minutes of Bekah's preschool time to clean under the girls' beds. I know--I am a very brave soul, but somebody has to do it! At least every three months, or the clutter starts to ooze out everywhere else in the house! Here is what I found! (all numbers are prone to exaggeration depending on my frustration level)

Approximately 27 notebooks, folders, and journals
7 coloring books
4,381 crayons, colored pencils, and markers
4 unopened boxes of crayons (24 ct) that they took from my school supply stash, because they couldn't find any crayons!
17 lbs of trash
53 dust bunnies
a bag of potato chips, unopened
about a ream of paper touting the global warming crisis from Ellie's earth day. last year; how about they just don't print anything about global warming and save a few trees that way!
several tootsie pops, sticky and dusty
a granola bar, in several pieces
157 elastic bands, this is probably why I can never find an elastic band to do the girls' hair and consequently have spent approximately 3,000 dollars on hair accessories this year alone!
one of my journals, with notes from our last stake conference that I have been looking for, everywhere (that is another post)
half of Ellie's wardrobe
42 stuffed animals
57 books

I think it is safe to say that we are blessed--with lots and lots of material things. Which I am planning on throwing away, paring down, or selling in the base yard sale in a couple of weeks. Actually, I am just trying to make some room for their birthday presents!

Does anyone need a crayon?


Lainie said...

I just did that last night after Kendall changed the girls bunk beds and pulled all the junk out and just LEFT it on the floor! I found 2 barretts, 2 pairs dirty socks (1 of them from soccer games 2 days ago), baby dolls, mismatched doll clothes, american girl doll magazines, a paper heart, 3 princess gummy fruit snacks, a sleeping bag...

grrr...I HATE underneath beds!!! ;0)

Marianne said...

Now, ladies....arent' we grateful to HAVE beds to stash our stuff under?!! :-) Seriously, Tami, I laughed out loud. Every once in a while Isaac or Wade disappears, and sooner or later they'll turn up....under the bed!

RLRP said...

So did you open up the potato chips and munch them up, seeing as how the other snacks were all mostly non-edible?

Laurie said...

I'm with your friend--Did you eat the potato chips? Because seriously, if I had unearthed an UNOPENED bag, you better believe I would have taken myself a little break from the madness and had a nice snack.