Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fire Stations and Fractures

Okay, we are on our second broken arm of the year. Rebekah fell off of her scooter about 10 days ago. She cried about all of her owies, but seemed okay. I noticed that her wrist was swollen and she was favoring it quite a bit. She said it didn't hurt, but last Monday we took her in just to make sure it was okay. Now she has a bright purple cast! Just in time for her birthday pool party last Saturday! Oh, well.

She went with her class to the fire station on Friday. Notice her bright purple cast in the photos!
We loved meeting Felipe the fire dog! And climbing on the big trucks! And that big old fashioned fire hose at the top of the post. Stay tuned for birthday pics!


Marianne said...

Good heavens! Another broken arm?!! Poor Bekah. And poor mommy. For what it's worth (and I think I'm a pretty good judge) I think you're an awesome mom who takes awesome care of her family, and is raising really wonderful children. Keep up the good work!!