Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just getting around to posting the promotion pictures!

Here is Vaughn taxiing in from his flight. We did the whole ceremony on the flight line right after he landed. (Anything to get out of wearing blues! :) )

Here is Vaughn right after climbing out of the jet. Is he the sexiest guy, ever, or what?

Our friend, Dean, administering the oath for Lieutenant Colonel.
There are lots of kids in the foreground--we were fortunate enough to have many of our friends come out and celebrate with us!
When a noncom gets promoted, they get punched on the arm, because that is where they wear rank. Dean had all the kids come up and punch Daddy, even though his rank is on his shoulder.
Andy, Rebekah, Vaughn, Ellie, and Rachel

A quick family photo on the very windy flight line

This is a picture of Vaughn with a couple of his BYU ROTC buddies--and Dean, who also went to BYU. We are all here in the same ward. It is a lot of fun!

It was a great day, and we are so proud of Vaughn for all his hard work and his service to our country! Now, when does the raise kick in? :)


Marianne said...

I am TOTALLY bawling. We missed you all so bad this weekend, and seeing these pictures just reminds me of how much I miss of your lives. Andy is so tall and grown up, and Rachel is a beautiful young woman! And Ellie and Bekah are getting so big.

I am so proud of you guys. Vaughn is awesome, it's true, but he could NOT do what he does without you being flat out amazing. What a great day for all of you!


Me said...

wow, lt col. that pretty cool!1 congrats - amylee