Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prom Pix

Here they are! Some pictures of Andy's Junior prom. Here he is with his lovely date:

Helping her into the Corvette:

Andy and Daddy(guess who's taller):

Here is our handsome boy:

Luckily, everyone and everything survived the night intact, including my nerves!


Marianne said...


He's taller than Vaughn?? NOBODY'S taller than Vaughn!!!


And he looks fantastic. What a great young jedi.

Me said...

wow- he got to take the corvette- I am jealous!! - he is getting so handsome, not 11 anymore!! -amylee

Laura M. Pyper said...

Tami! I love these pictures and just how awesomely fun your blog is :) It is inspiring me to have more fun with mine. By the way, I wish I was taken to my prom in a corvette, and Andy is looking so tall and handsome. Anyway, I love ya!