Monday, April 5, 2010

40 things We Like About Daddy

Yes, I am married to a 40-year-old! Let's ignore the fact that I passed that milestone a long time ago! :) I had the kids write down things they liked about their dad and they are so cute I wanted to share them! So here they are:

1. I like your pancakes
2. I like my song that you sing (Bekahroo)
3. I like your cooking
4. I like going to the pool with you
5. I like going to the park with you
6. I like helping you
7. I like your jokes
8. I like your hugs

9. I like his dinners.
10. I like going on bike rides with him.
11. I like to do sudoku puzzles with him.
12. I like his stinky juice. (aftershave)
13. I like it when he takes me out of school for lunch.
14. I like it when he plays clue with me.
15. I like it when we play "buck-a-roo"(this involves climbing on daddy's back, holding on for dear life, and trying not to get bucked off)
16. I like that he buys me chocolate.

17. I love his smile.
18. I like to play sports with him.
19. I like when he tucks me into bed at night.
20. I like to eat out with him.
21. I love to sing songs with him in crazy harmony.
22. I like to play Phase 10 with him (even when he beats me).
23. I love him!
24. I love his testimony of the gospel.

25. I like that you've adapted to accept my unruliness.
26. I like how excited you are for the little things that happen to me.
27. I like your facial hair. It's a prime example for any young boy.
28. I like how you show your faith in the gospel through your life.
29. I like how you raised me. Good job.
30. I like how you put others first.
31. Your enthusiasm spreads throughout the world like swine flu.
32. You go through diet Dr. Pepper like poop through a goose.

33.I love his happy, sunny disposition.
34. I love his soft, sexy kisses. :)
35. I love what an amazing father he is, and that he made me a mother.
36. I love his thoughtfulness.
37. I love his desire to do what's right.
38. I love his backrubs!
39. I love his patience, and that he can always make me laugh.
40. I love the way he loves me!

there you go! We love Vaughn! Happy birthday, honey! Hope you enjoy your Alaska fishing trip!


Marianne said...

I'm the world's biggest loser sister!! I can't believe I didn't call him on his big 4-0!!

I'm going to call tonight...

And I'm laughing my head off at Andy's list. You have AWESOME kids.

Love you guys!!

MG said...

Cute idea...Pat is turning 40 to this year. He won't admit it.

Amanda said...

oh how sweet is that! Happy Birthday Vaughn!

Lee and Melody said...

Those were too funny, I am still totally laughing at Andy's...poop through a goose, that's great.

Happy 40th, Vaughn!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Vaughn! I'm sitting here with the windows open and am getting a nice smell of that Korean sewage. Do you remember that smell? Not so pleasant. Miss you guys!

Helena said...

What a cute list! It's so fun to get stuff like that from kids.