Thursday, October 23, 2008


Vaughn after the triathlon this spring

I was tagged by my sil, Marianne to answer some questions about my hubby. I don't know how many people care, but here goes!

Five things my husband, Vaughn, loves.

1. Me

2. Our kids

3. Flying

4. Heavenly Father

5. Serving our country

Five things on his to-do list:

1. Finish his master's (he's over halfway there!)

2. Get all the kids sleeping through the night all at once.

3. Hear his wife say, "No, I'm not tired, actually!"

4. Go back to Hawaii soon.

5. Make everyone around him happy, all of the time. I must say, he is pretty good at this one! And okay, the Hawaii trip is on my list, but since he like to make me happy, we will be going to Hawaii again sometime in the next few years!

Five snacks he loves:

1. Seven-layer dip

2. Homemade salsa and chips

3. Homemade oreos

4. Caramel brownies

5. Pretty much anything I cook :)

Five things you may not know about him:

1. He plays a mean game of Old Maid

2. He is the favorite visitor at Ellie's school during lunch time--everyone wants to play with Ellie's daddy

3. My dad made him catch a fish with a fly rod before he could marry me

4. He obsesses about his weight more than I do about mine

5. He is more naturally maternal than I am--I learn a lot about being a good mother by watching him with the kids

Five places he has lived:

1. Salt Lake City

2. Korea

3. Alaska

4. Georgia

5. Oklahoma

Five quirky things about Vaughn

1. He has to do a sudoku puzzle to fall asleep

2. He has a pathological fear of doctors (actually, pretty normal for a pilot. if you have a cold, you can't fly, so they hate to go to the doctor)

3. He can make me laugh when no one else can--not really quirky, but one of the reasons I love him!

4. He loves to tell the kids "childhood stories" --thus encouraging them to repeat a lot of the crazy, and dangerous things he and his siblings did as children

5. He is the most determined person I know--if he wants to do it, he will. End of discussion.

Five people to tag--answer these questions about your hubby (do I even have 5 people reading my blog?)

1. Amy

2. Jen

3. Amanda

4. Ruth

5. Laurie


Lee and Melody said...

That's funny, I was doing this about Lee today too! Vaughn is a good boy, and I am very glad that he found you! Give each other (and all your cute kids) hugs from me! Oh, and give Sara a little scratch too.

Strommer Family said...

Oh I'm so touched to be tagged!! YeahYeahYeah I know, I was the last one you thought of but at least I was included, right!!?? ;)

Marianne said...

YAY!! I love to read these cool things about my brother. I'm glad he chose you, and that he caught that fateful fish!! XOXO

Garrett, Jen and Kids said...

I'm posting my responses right now! Hope I can think of that many things for Garrett!

Lainie said...

Everyone LOVES Vaughn. What a guy. I enjoyed reading these funnies about him. Just wish you were all closer!!!