Sunday, October 19, 2008

Room for Rant!

I know it's hard to believe, but Koreans don't always translate everything correctly. :) So, last year, we were going onto Camp Humphries for something, and there was a huge sign, right outside the barbed wire, facing into the post. It said, "Room for Rant". Obviously, they meant room for rent, but I realized that is exactly what I need! A room to rant in, just once or twice a day. Or even every other day, depending on how crazy my life is. Don't get me wrong; I love my life! I have an amazing husband, great kids, and no really huge problems. It's the minutiae that kills me!

Like, why is it that everyone piles their clothes around and on top of, but never in the hamper? And why is it that no one else in the house has inherited the ability to install a new roll of toilet paper? And why can I leave a sock, or a barbie, or a paper plate, or any other object on the stairs for a few days just to see if it bothers anyone else, and I find out that I am the only one bothered by my experiment?

Perhaps this is the real challenge of motherhood: we deal with the minutiae of everyone else's lives. I can deal with the big stuff: 9 months of puking, chronic depression, son getting hit by a car, husband gone for long stretches of time. It is the moment when I am trying to get the seam in my daughter's sock to lie exactly parallel to the tops of her toes that sends me over the edge! And why hasn't anyone invented some frickin' socks that don't have any annoying seams on them!

So, I need a room to rant. I am sure you do, too! Feel free to use this blog as your room to rant! I am happy to let you scream at me, in italics and bold, and let you get it all out, so you can go back to being the keeper of the cheerios, the minder of the minutiae of all mankind! And, once in a while, I will rant, too!

Now, I have to go and pick up all the stuff on my stairs. I don't know why I keep running that experiment....


Marianne said...

Ha ha, Tami! I love it that you rant, but you still keep the perspective of what matters most. You inspire me!!! And yes, I am old enough to be your big sister. Nine months and fifteen days older than you....

Rachel said...


Lee and Melody said...

I have a rant!

I will usually take all the clean laundry as it comes out of the dryer and pile it on the bed so I can fold it and put it away. However, thanks to frequent interruptions, it often is still there at bedtime. So how come I'm the only one who will put it away? I can do it every day for a week straight and STILL every night Lee will toss it (wad and wrinkle it, more like)all in the baskets- or on the floor if the baskets are too full- and never even put away as much as one sock!

*sigh* Much better. Thanks, Tami! You are awesome!