Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Give a Missionary a Heart Attack

Not a real one of course.  That would be crazy!  But I am always trying to think of ways to brighten our missionary's day, and since Valentine's Day is coming up, we sent him a heart attack!  Even though I am pretty sure they don't celebrate Valentine's Day in Uruguay.  It's a great excuse for chocolate.  Right?
 Step one is to cut out a bunch of paper hearts.  Any size, any shape.  I advise having your three daughters do this.  If you don't have three daughters, look around.  Someone does.  You can borrow mine.  Then, write some sweet nothings on your hearts.  Or sweet somethings.  I think we wrote things we love about Andy, and also Valentine's wishes.  I use the term "we" loosely, because I was so busy getting everything together, that I didn't write on one. single. heart.  *sigh*  What kind of missionary mom am I?  Anyway, he still got lots of love from the girls and dad, and schlepping the package to the post office and filling out the customs form should get me some props, right?
Step two.  Throw in a whole bunch of candy.  We did hugs, kisses, and peanut butter hearts.  I would do whatever your missionary/recipient likes.  Sprinkle liberally over the hearts. 
Step three.  Since we are sending this to a boy, I always try to include some kind of toy that can be thrown, flipped, or bounced.  For some reasons, missionaries never get tired of those kinds of things.  Jumping frogs are perfect.  Plus, I figure he can always give them away to little Uruguayan kids.  

That's it!  Super simple and guaranteed to make someone's day!  And way more fun than a real heart attack.  Also, a lot less serious.  


Wen Sylvestre said...

This is such a fun idea, thank you for sharing!! In our ward we have a couple of missionaries abroad and since it's almost Valentine's day... And I LOVE the tip about the jumping things for the elders, I'll keep that in mind when my son will go on a mission! Greetings from the Netherlands, Wen