Friday, February 8, 2013

Why you shouldn't keep your jammies in the same drawer with yourworkout clothes

This isn't a rhetorical question, like "where do socks go when you put them in the dryer?" or "am I the only person in here who can see that huge pile of unfolded laundry?" or " what is it exactly that meatloaf won't do for love? He'll do anything else, but not this?"
I guess that's not really a question in the title, more like a thesis statement. Anyway, I digress. The reason you shouldn't keep your workout clothes in the same drawer as your jammies is that you may be running late one day. And then, you will remember you have a hot streak of two days at the gym running, so you will run to your room and throw some clothes in your bag. Fast forward to after work, into the gym bathroom, where you have on yoga pants, socks, shoes, and sports bra. You reach in to your bag and grab your gray t-shirt...I mean, your gray pajama bottoms! I will admit right now that if it had been the gray pj top I would have totally worn that sucker. But I couldn't quite figure out what to do with the pants. Wrap them like a sarong-type thing? Wear them on my head? And keep in mind that just wearing a sports bra as a top is only acceptable if you are under the age of 30 and/or you look like Jillian Michaels. I am neither of those things. However, wanting to keep my aforementioned fitness streak going, I dug in my bag and found a black hoodie sweatshirt. That zipped. So I could wear it over the sports bra but zipped down to have a little ventilation and even look not as frumpy as I usually do when working out. I am not going to lie. It was hot. But I persevered and did my 40 minutes of HIIT! Now I am going to celebrate with a Reese's peanut butter cup. But with a diet coke, so the calories are canceled out. True story. And I am packing for the gym the night BEFORE from now on.


Janice Pyper said...

Hee hee! This was very cute, Tami! I'm proud of you for perservering in spite of the grey PJ pants! You might have tried putting your arms through the legs and having the cowl neck effect! The boys used to do that and think it was very funny. Your back wouldn't have been covered, but your front would-sort of! :o) BTW, I love reading your posts! You just tell it like it is, and every Mom can totally understand!

Melody said...

I have done it too! Plus, my work out shirts and pants are made of somewhat similar materials, so there have been a few occasions where grabbing things out of the dresser in the dark (so as not to wake the kids who sneaked in my bed during the night) has resulted in me finding myself in the bathroom with two shirts and no pants...or vice versa. Rawr! I'm proud of you for persevering, I totally would have taken it as a sign to skip the workout and go straight for the peanut butter cup. :)