Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Activity Days

So one of my new callings is the Activity Days leader!  I am so excited to work with these great girls.  For our first activity last week, we had an Unbirthday Party!  I made this cute little bunting for the sheet cake I picked
up.  Of course, the icing colors totally don't match, but I didn't have much to choose from.  Just look at the bunting instead!

We also played the white elephant present game.  I just picked up several things from the dollar store.  And we also played hot potato.  That one is always a hit!  Why is it so nerve wracking to think that you will end up holding the object when the music stops?  It was a fun way to start off the year and we also sang to Ellie, since her birthday was just two days away.  We passed out calendars and a parent letter and then played duck,duck, goose until time to go.  I think I sent everyone home on a sugar high!  Hopefully, they crashed as soon as they got home and went to bed!


Marianne said...

You will be the world's BEST activity days leader! I want to be in your group!!

BTW, Andy tells me he has seriously amazing Duck Duck Goose skills. I do not remember why we were talking about that...oh wait. Yes, I do. They were going to play kid games for FHE...and he knew he was going to dominate Duck Duck Goose.

I love that kid.