Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Treats

So we all know that I love to create.  And cook.  And often I create through cooking.  I love to make things that bring happiness to other people.  So when I saw this fabulous idea for hot chocolate on a stick, I knew I had to try it!  So here is my first attempt at making this treat.  

I just used ice cube trays for the chocolate mold-not super cute, but the only thing I had to use.

So maybe I don't have a bright future as a chocolatier, but I know where to find cute stuff to wrap treats in!
Glassine bags from garnish, one of my favorite new online stores!  Even their receipts are cute!

And of course, I had to put the marshmallows in cute packaging as well!  I used peppermint mini marshmallows, and vanilla caramel marshmallows.
clear candy tubes from garnish

I put everything in this super cute kraft box and tied it up with a bow!  Who wouldn't be excited to get this in the mail?  I hope it tasted all right.  Although, I think some of my nieces and nephews just ate the chocolate right off the stick instead of making it into cocoa!  :)  Whatever works!
kraft boxes from garnish
I hope to send a few more treat packages out this year.  Just for fun!  So you know that I am thinking of you!


Marianne said...

The vanilla caramel marshmallows were DIVINE. I ate them all.

And the chocolate stick hot chocolate was SO yummy. We were THRILLED to get such a cute and delicious box in the mail!!!

I love it when you craft through cooking!!

Cali Cooking Couple said...

Dont you just love those girls. It has been fun watching their business grow. I love your blog. You are very witty and down to earth. Your blog profile about maybe getting a chance to talk to your husband made me literally laugh out loud.

Heather - Chickabug said...

I love this idea! You did an amazing job with all the packaging (I love Garnish, too - SO much fun stuff there!!) : )