Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chinese New Year Singing Time

from photobucket-robinkingcullen
I decided to put my singing time ideas on here.  Or the ideas I got from looking at everyone else's fabulous blogs!  :)  Tomorrow we are going to have a Chinese New Year singing time.  I got this great idea from i heart primary music and added a few twists.  She suggests we play rock, paper, scissors with a child and if the child wins, we let him pick a gold coin with a song on it. If we win, then we all review As a Child of God.  Since I could not find any gold coins on a Saturday night, :(  I thought I would make a few of these:
Felt Fortune Cookies!  I do have felt around from one of my many craft project remnants!  I am going to put the names of different songs inside as fortunes.  We will probably sing As a Child of God with some different "ways to sing" cards, just to mix it up.  I also thought it would be cute to put these in a takeout box, so I picked one up at Hobby Lobby.

After primary is over, I am going to give the kids one of these:

I am putting a fun size starburst on there.  Once in a while it is good to reinforce learning with food, right?  :) If you want to make some for yourself you can download the file here>  Also, you can download the fonts from here and just make your own!  I used Shanghai and Chinese Zodiac.  Have fun!