Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful Creatures

I love the books, but of course I am referring to our three girls.  Yes they made me throw up for about 23 months total.  I lost countless hours of sleep.  Don't even get me started on the number of diapers I have changed.  But these little girlies (not so little anymore) sure fill our home with lots of love, laughter, and joy  (also tantrums, crying, millions of lost ponytail holders, and countless pink items; but I digress).  Anyway, here is a little visual catch up on the female side of the Pyper clan..
Ellie and Bekah



Rachel in her show choir costume.  


Janice Pyper said...

Omigosh! What fun pictures! They are all indeed beauties! And Rachel is in show choir ... wow!How about doing a little video during their next performance and putting it on here or the family site...or youtube! That would be lovely! We miss you kids .. it's getting time for a visit!