Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a project

So, I have been asked to teach a class at our stake rs conference in May. I am teaching "Today while the sun shines". Other than being a slightly annoying song, the theme is supposed to be things we can do to prepare while we have time. So, I came up with this:

Five things we can do each day:
T: Talk to Heavenly Father--pray
O: Add some OIL to your lamp by doing scripture study
D: DO something for someone else--service with a smile!
A: Be ACTIVE--this has two parts, exercise and being actively grateful, or counting your blessings
Y: Do something for YOU

I figure if you can squeeze these five things into your day, then you can handle pretty much anything that life throws at you. So, to put my money where my mouth is I am going to do this for six weeks, until the conference and keep a journal.

So far, I have found that it is really hard to actually get on my knees in the morning and pray. Usually, because I am launched right into the morning insanity. I try to pray with the kids, and Vaughn if he is here, but to be still for any time at all is really hard at this time of day! I do pray a lot through the day, (usually for help in not killing the kids!) but I am going to work on this.

Anyone else want to add anything? I am sure you all have great ideas! Please share! :)


Janice Pyper said...

Tami, this is an amazing post! I think you are one of the most profoundly/practically spiritual people I know. What a wonderful idea for a R.S. conference talk --- the ladies will love it. I want to do those things too. I may use your idea in our Relief Society somehow, since I am now on the lookout for good Relief Society ideas! :} Yikes! (Tomorrow I get sustained and set apart.)