Monday, March 8, 2010

Every Grouchy Inch!

It was Halloween. It was neither dark nor stormy. I, however, was both. After a day of crazy running around to soccer games, laundry, errands, and trying to get to the ward Trunk or Treat on time, I was GROUCHY. My hubby came over during a lull in the insanity (otherwise known as trunk or treat) and asked me how I was. I think I grimaced at him--he told me I was beautiful. (Does he actually believe this or is he in denial?) I said I was feeling very GROUCHY! He came over and kissed me and said, " I love every grouchy inch of you." We went right back to our insane cycle of sugar, costumes, and oh, yes, getting ready for church the next day! But what he said stayed with me.

Later that night when I was in bed, I realized that Vaughn was just showing me, as he often does, Heavenly Father's love through his own. I am sure that God loves me when I am grouchy, but I just don't feel it as easily as when I am not. I am grateful that I have a husband who can see through all my prickliness to the person that is trying to come out! I am so glad that we are loved when we are grouchy, or mean, or selfish or dishonest, because that is what gives me hope! Anyone is lovable when they are pretty and clean and nice. But if I can be loved when I feel at my worst, then I really am worth something. And I am grateful that the Savior is there to help with not just the "major" sins, but with all my little shortcomings and weaknesses that keep me from becoming what He knows I can be. I am glad that He loves every grouchy inch of me. And did I hit the jackpot in husbands, or what?