Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teddy bear birthday

So it's just been like 18 months since this party, but I am finally uploading pix to the computer and trying to declutter my to-do list. Bekah decided to have a teddy bear party, and she wanted purple and teal for her colors.  So we went on a bear hunt-on Pinterest. Because there are a billion cute ideas involving teddy bears!
One of the best things about this party was the low cost decor. I learned how to make these awesome tissue flowers and we used them as a main ingredient.  Add in some balloons, with a marble inside so they will hang upside down, twist up some streamers, and you have a lot of bang for your buck!
We put some on the front door, too.

These basic cupcakes are super cute with printables from chickabug.com. 
I actually took the cupcake wrapper (from chickabug) and cut it to fit the front of my plain blue treat bags. A little ribbon, and you have a custom treat bag worthy of any little girl's birthday wishes!
These are teddy bear Oreo pops. Just a double stuf Oreo dipped in candy coating, then mini Oreo for the ears, more googly eyes, a red mike n Ike, and another mini Oreo mouth. 
 I attempted some bear cupcakes-I think these are just mini kisses, Wilton googly eyes, and then an upside down cocoa candy melt with a little frosting mouth and red hot nose.  
I used another tissue pom, this one mini, to dress up my cake plate. I attached some ribbon with glue dots, and it held up well and then came right off when we were done!  I also love using tissue paper to make jumbo confetti.
We did two simple activities-one was making headbands with teddy bear ears.( I have no idea what happened to that picture. Or pix of the birthday girl, for that matter!  Probably still in the digital clutter all around me...) But the other activity was making these cute teddy bear cars.  A mini snickers bar, m&ms and teddy grahams, all glued on with candy coating.  We also tried to have other bear-friendly foods: bit-o-honeys, more teddy grahams, nilla wafers and root "bear"!  
A "beary" good time was had by all!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.)