Friday, December 28, 2012

Hanging Advent Tutorial

I don't even know if I would call this a tutorial, because it was so easy!  I went to Hobby Lobby and bought this driftwood frame, using my 40% coupon.  I know lots of crafty/thrifty people out there would go find a pallet and take it apart and make their own, but I am lazy.  And I don't know where to find pallets.  Or how to make a frame.  So... I just bought one.
Then I took a length of jute twine (like in the picture above, which can be found pretty much at any craft store), and wrapped and knotted it around one side of the frame.  Then I stretched it across and knotted it on the other side.  I did two "clotheslines", but if your frame is bigger or taller, you could do more.  Also, I really procrastinated so we did the 12 days of Christmas instead of a 24 day advent countdown.  

Then I added these:

Mini kraft envelopes and mini clothespins, both from canvas home basics line of scrapbooking, found at Hobby Lobby.  I just clipped the envelopes on to the twine with a clothespin.  

Then I slipped a little card with an activity on it in an envelope.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  I printed off numbers 1-12 from different fonts that I liked and cut them and glued them to the front of the envelope.  

See how cute it is!  Don't forget some baker's twine!  It makes everything cute.  Even brown paper bags.  Especially brown paper bags.  I just tucked some berry picks around each corner, and it was done!  Easy-peasy.  Seriously, the longest part was cutting out the numbers.

Here is my calendar hanging on the wall. What fabulous pix my iphone takes.  Sigh.  Maybe next year Santa will bring me a nice d-slr camera.  :)

There you have it!  If you want to see what we did, here is an example of some of  my activity cards. If you want to use my numbers, here is a file of cards 1-24.  You can just print off whichever ones you need.  I just bubble cut around each number.   You could also buy stickers, but I was too cheap to buy 12 different kinds of number stickers!  Plus, I got to create my own.  Enjoy!