Saturday, November 10, 2012

Greenie package

So I sent my first package to Uruguay. I have no clue when it will actually get there, but we wanted to send some love to our greenie. I went to the store and looked for anything green, reasonably small, and not too perishable. This is what we came up with:

Sour skittles.  Yum.
Elder Pyper LOVES jalapeno chips.  I wonder if they will be smithereens by the time they get there.
No one in our family can get enough of pez dispensers.  And who can resist ferb.  We love phineas and ferb.
A variety of green things-jello, mike and ikes, ring pops, gum
Green pumpkin flashlights!  And beef jerky.
Here is the whole caboodle.  I tried to send two of most things, one for Andy and his companion.
And to top it off, green packing tape!

I will update when I find out what condition this package arrived in .  Stay tuned for more ideas