Monday, September 10, 2012

Status update.

I have to say, this day came so much sooner than I thought it would!  We are officially parents of a missionary!  I love this picture-Elder Pyper striding off to save the world.  Literally.  He was so excited and so ready to go.  Vaughn and I have such different ways of expressing our feelings about this.  He has just been on the verge of tears for the last couple of weeks.  I have mostly been on the edge-irritable, SOOO tired, and overwhelmed with all the other stuff I need to get done!  Plus, I have been consuming enormous amounts of sugar.  But once in a while, I stop for a minute and think, "We did it!"  We actually raised our very own stripling warrior.  I wanted to send out missionaries who loved the Savior, and the gospel, and really knew and loved the Book of Mormon.  So what if he still can't keep track of his shoes, keys, wallet, id, ...?  We taught him who he was, and why he was here.  Now he can go and do that for a lot of other people.  Oh dear.  I might actually cry.  Time to go eat some ice cream!


Marianne said...

AWESOME. You should be so proud of that boy. He is an excellent young man, and I know he's going to make SUCH a difference!!!

Good job, you two.

Helena said...

That must be a great feeling! Best of luck to Elder Pyper!