Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday morning musings

So, did you know that you can have tennis elbow even if you don't play tennis? Or that you can throw up several times a week for almost a month without being pregnant? Or that within one week your husband, son , and daughter can all injure themselves?

Actually, I do not play tennis, but I do have tendonitis. In my left elbow. I am right-handed. Apparently, all the work I do around the house has me doing the heavy lifting ( literally) with my left hand-washing dishes, moving laundry in and out of the dryer, lifting stuff. I think I use my right hand for the fine motor and my left for all the brute force work.

I am not pregnant. But I did throw up and feel nauseated for a long time. After 3 pregnancy tests (and seriously, vaughn had a little surgery right after Bekah was born!) and a couple visits to the doctor, we came up with sinusitis and severe seasonal allergies. Who knows? But I am feeling better and vomit-free for almost a week now!

On to the injuries: Andy dislocated his left elbow at soccer practice (again). After a week in a splint, the doctor pronounced him fit for normal activity and ready to play as soon as his special bionic elbow brace comes in. Vaughn hurt his back shoveling snow for about two days straight. He is much better, but he is no fun on muscle relaxants. Mostly because they knock him right out. Rachel rolled her ankle right before a soccer game, went on and played in the game, and then a couple of nights later in another game, was on a break, streaking down the field, when an opponent slide-tackled her right into the injured ankle.

May I just point out here that I did not go to nursing school? If I have to see another ice pack or administer one more dose of motrin I just might go on strike. Not really, but SERIOUSLY! These people are killing me, what with their needing to be fed and taken care of and their incessant breathing! Did I just say that out loud? Okay, enough ranting.

It's not like a tsunami just swept our whole lives away. (But really, could we all just be healthy for one day, at the same time?)

In other news, Andy has been accepted to BYU! And BYU-Idaho! But not BYU-Hawaii. He is surprised by that. I tried to tell him that BYU-Hawaii is for people who don't live on the mainland, but I think he is disappointed to not spend the next year surfing, I mean studying, in Laie.

Today is the first day of spring break. Check in with me later this week to see if I have lost the rest of my mind!


Marianne said...

Good heavens. I didn't know you had been sick for that long!! I'm glad you're feeling better. And hopefully everyone will mend quickly and stay healthy!!

Have a nice Spring Break!! ;-)