Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So, the whole reason I started this blogging thing was so that I could not feel guilty about not writing in a journal every day. However, I haven't blogged since October! I feel guilty. Anyway, I decided to make a resolution (OK, I know New Year's was like 6 weeks ago, but I have been busy!) to blog every day. Even if it is just a sentence. So that at the end of the year, I can get it printed and have a journal that my grandkids can laugh at in 30 years or so! So, if you show up and I haven't blogged, feel free to send me a guilt-inducing email or reply! Whatever it takes! :) And, getting on here once a day seems a lot easier than running a marathon, or giving up chocolate, or not yelling at my kids--you know I won't keep any of those resolutions!


Lee and Melody said...

I actually resolved to eat more chocolate, yell more, and run less. That way I'm SURE I'll accomplish them! :) We look forward to seeing your blogs!

Marianne said...

Me too!! All of the above.