Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Forty and Fabulous???

Happy Birthday to me! Unbelievably, I am forty years old today. I woke up feeling all stiff and achy. I am hoping that is due to all the moving stress and exhaustion, coupled with the unpacking and Christmas baking, rather than my advanced age! I am grateful for having had a pretty great life. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children and the gospel. What else is there? Okay, I am also grateful for chocolate and fuzzy socks! Hope you are having a great day and enjoying the anticipation of the season!


Marianne said...

Yeah, FABULOUS!! I hope you have a GREAT day in your NEW HOUSE!!! Happy Birthday, little sis! ;-) Love you!!

Amanda said...

oh I hope i can say the word fabulous when i'm forty! Happy Birthday Girl!! Hope it was wonderful!!