Thursday, June 26, 2008

Speaking of Chaos...

My name is Tami, and I have a messy purse. Yes, I am baring my soul, or rather, my handbag, to all of you. The chaos of my life extends even into my shoulder bag. Or maybe that is where it begins? Here is what is in my purse:
A loose twenty-dollar bill
8 commissary receipts totaling $730
2 px receipts totaling $51
2 walmart receipts totaling $48
Various fast food receipts
A Lowe's receipt for $110
6 Target receipts for $450
My new contact lens prescription (which reminds me, I need to order them)
Eye appt. reminders for me and Rachel, both were in May
A receipt from Jeni's ice cream in Columbus, Ohio (the salty caramel is fabulous!)
Airline ticket stub from Columbus, Ohio trip
Two empty contact lens boxes (I had to take to the eye doctor)
One bottle of ibuprofen
Three lipglosses
One tube of neosporin
Two barrettes
One little girl hairbrush
Five melted milk duds (from seeing Iron Man the other night, I snuck in some candy and it melted in my purse. Must be karma)
A book of stamps
Some cold stone creamery coupons
A printout of the shinguards my son wanted from Dick's sporting goods
A band concert program
A large bag of skittles, half-empty
My checkbook
My wallet, filled with other receipts I haven't even looked at yet! I only counted the loose ones in my bag!
Four shopping lists
My cell phone
A little bag with my akoya pearl necklace ( I wondered where that was!)
This could be why I can't find my cell phone when it rings! By the way, I did clean out my purse as I was listing everything. Although, if I had to leave in a hurry, I probably would have shoveled everything right back in until a later time. :) Notice that I didn't have anything useful, like a pen or some paper to write on. I guess I could always use lip gloss and a receipt! So now you all know. I have a messy purse, and I am okay with that. Sure, I would love to be clean and organized in every area of my life, but if I have ten extra minutes, I would rather hang out with my husband, or take a bath, or scrapbook, than clean out my purse. I think it is a great snapshot of my life and everything that I try to do in a day.
So, what's in your purse? :)


Jess said...

OKay, you are killing me!! I am totally laughing right now!! My purse is just like yours...maybe a bit worse. The really crappy part is that when I take the time to clean it out, it is back to that condition usually within a week..pathetic.